How would you feel if you stood on a shoe that was a half inch taller than the other for hours on end?

What if?


Today’s thoughts are going to be random ideas that have popped into my head over the past twenty or so years. Some of these ideas are grounded in reality and others are a bit more radical and whimsical. They lean toward the “what if” side of life. Let’s jump in and see what happens to you as you ponder these thoughts.


  • Don’t use the same toothpaste or deodorant for too long of a period. If you don’t rotate types/brands, the bacteria in your mouth and armpit will accommodate and become immune to the cleansing effects of the toothpaste or deodorant. Alternate brands every six months.


  • When traveling down long hills while driving your car, stretch your right leg. It only is used for small movements while driving and the calf muscles needs to be lengthened.


  • Get mad at a government official, decision, or ordinance. Get over it by creating a solution. Share your idea with your friends, family, postman, probation officer … anyone that will listen. That is how you get something done.  Problem solving something other than your private issues helps expand your mind.


  • Play some form of contact sport. Our technological world tries to separate us. We are forgetting that you can be competitive, sweat, and have a good time.  Body check!!! For those not physically able, try competitive eating. Just kidding.


  • Men, never sit on your wallet. How would you feel if you stood on a shoe that was a half inch taller than the other for hours on end?


  • Women, don’t wear high heels more than two days a week and never for more than two hours at a time. When sitting at a desk, remove them.


  • Imagine that you have a rope tied to your belly button that pulls you forward while walking. That will keep you upright and your shoulders back. Watch a sprinter running a race. They run upright! Walk upright.


  • Ever notice that toothpaste has a warning? Not for internal use. Consider using a natural variety.


  • Over-the-counter, synthetically manufactured multivitamins will kill a plant over a 30-day period. Use a whole food supplement.


  • If your mind is always talking to you, write it down! You will be amazed at what it is saying. You will have outstanding wisdom or incredible creativity, or mindless dribble that you can then dismiss and clear out of your consciousness.  Either way, you come out better.


  • Listen to music. Turn your favorite song on too loud and dance. Make time for classical music at least once a week. Try and guess what song the person is singing to in the car next to you at the stop light.


  • Anonymously ask your waiter/waitress for a pleasant family, couple or individual’s bill sitting near you and pay for their food and tip. Do it once a month if you can.


  • Most people turn to one side or the other when walking down stairs. Force yourself to turn the other way and feel those muscles stretch as you break your old pattern.


  • Never let diet drinks touch your lips again. Here is a little secret. Diet is actually code for D-I-E and the T is a cross to mark your grave.


  • Don’t use Halloween makeup. It is full of heavy metals that are toxic to your body.


  • Write a pre-journal. The night before, describe in detail what will happen the next day. At the end of the week you will be amazed at how accurate you were in creating your future!


  • And finally, take a nap. Get your hands covered in dirt. Sit outside. Wave to people and smile.


            (Article guest-written by Dr. Chad Hawk)

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