“The body is self-healing and self-regulating. Interference to the master system of the body, the nervous system, keeps you from working right. The adjustment removes the interference.”

I can't live this way!


I would like to share with you several of the amazing experiences that practice members have had over this past year. I think it is important to understand that the person on the table has a story that you may not be aware of and without divulging their identities, I think you should hear a few of them. Hearing another person’s testimony can encourage you and give you hope in the amazing power of the body to heal.


I can’t stand!


A man was working on some home renovations and had just finished installing tile on his floor. He sat down for a few minutes and was unable to get upright again. This left him in a very precarious position to say the least. It wasn’t that he was in terrible pain; he had lost the strength in his legs to stand up from the sitting position. He was alone and sat there for almost three hours waiting for something to change. He decided to crawl to his car and see if he could drive. It took him almost 45 minutes to get into his car, but once he was there he was determined to get to my office.


When he arrived, he willed himself into the office. I was able to see him right away and immediately after his atlas adjustment, he stood with full strength. A huge smile came over his face and he began to chuckle. I asked him what was funny and he told me that he was just thinking about being stuck in that position for a day or two!


He was certain that an adjustment was all he needed. I am confident that his certainty contributed to his remarkable recovery. He knew the principles of chiropractic.

“The body is self-healing and self-regulating. Interference to the master system of the body, the nervous system, keeps you from working right. The adjustment removes the interference.”

Did you know these principles are true and always at work? If you didn’t, what impact can they have on your life?


I can’t think!


An architect was sitting at her desk staring at a card her friend had given her a year ago. She grabbed her phone and dialed the number. Two minutes later she had her first appointment to see a chiropractor. I met her the next day. She spent the next 20 minutes telling me about her inability to focus or concentrate on anything. Work was almost impossible. She had been doing this for over twenty years and it should be a snap! Her inability to focus had made her depressed and she had withdrawn from her family. She was due for a big evaluation at work in a few months and was sure she was going to lose her job.


The drugs didn’t help. The workouts didn’t help. Nothing helped. She felt like there was an elephant on her head. Her MD had recommended psychiatric evaluations, which lead to more depression. She sat there with a tissue box crying as she related her story. She finished it with, “This has to help!”


Two weeks later, she triumphantly entered the adjusting room and told me about the most productive day she had had in ten years! That night, I got a call from her husband thanking me for giving him back his wife. Oh, if you were wondering, she got a promotion!


I can’t live this way!


“I was going to kill myself. I could not take the pain any longer,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone. We had just discussed his first rescan. The changes were remarkable. His countenance was radically different. His disposition was pleasant. Something called a smile could be seen again on his face.


He had suffered an injury years before and the pain had never let up. In fact, it had gotten worse. Work, family, and life were impossible. He was a man of faith, but it all seemed empty and weak now. The years of searing pain had taken its toll and worn him down to a shell of a man. He told himself that this was his last option. If it didn’t work, he would end his life.

He is a stoic man. Other than his sincere gratitude, a single tear signified how thankful he was. You may have heard me say, “Chiropractic restores life.” Now you know what I mean. Over the past twelve years in practice, I have had this same conversation at least once a year. The power of the adjustment can be remarkable.


These are just three short stories that mean a lot to me. Please do not misconstrue me and think that chiropractic treats these problems. Chiropractic removes subluxations that interfere with normal nerve transmission. I adjust you to allow you to function at your best.


(Article guest-written by Dr. Chad Hawk)

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