Here at Michael Family Chiropractic our focus is Principled Chiropractic Care. The difference is practicing Specific Scientific Principled Chiropractic care and temporary relief care is the difference between optimal health and just feeling good.


Through the advancement of modern technologies and a better understanding of how the spine and nervous system are coordinated, we are better able to correct the spine and to see long term results. With each new client it is important for us to fully understand your current level of health and what factors may be contributing to any dysfunction or Dis-EASE in your body. We ALWAYS do a complimentary consultation with each new patient to better assess the level of your health. At this time, the necessary Diagnostics that need to be done to determine your level health will be recommended.


Here at Michael Family Chiropractic we house State of the Art Diagnostic Imaging and NASA recognized neurological thermo-technology to accurately determine the health of your spine and nervous system. The data gained from these diagnostics will allow us to recommend a customized care plan that is tailored to the level of degeneration in your spine, your age, levels of activity, and your response to an adjustment.

What Techniques do the Doctors use?

Dr. Michael and Dr. Kelsey practice several Chiropractic techniques so you can be assured they  have the skills to do what’s necessary for you on each visit. They treat the body as a whole rather than focusing on individual symptoms.  This helps restore function to the nervous system which in turn brings resolution to each and every organ system. . The goal or objective of Chiropractic is to identify the underlying cause of a persons health challenge and to correct it. A condition of the spine known as Vertebral Subluxation interferes with the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Principled and Wellness Chiropractors locate Vertebral Subluxations, thoroughly analyze all of its components, design a specific program of adjustments and exercises to correct Vertebral Subluxations, and most importantly to help you and your family learn how to achieve a state of optimal health and how to maintain a healthy spine into the future. It is important that you understand that while you can experience a miraculous change in your health after just one adjustment, Chiropractic adjustments are intended to build on the next creating a compound affect of true health. If you are accepted as a patient at Michael Family Chiropractic it is important for us to be working toward the same goal and that is NOT just relief care but true optimal HEALTH.


Dr. Michael and Dr. Kelsey  focus on a “tonal” analysis of your body that allows them to tailor your adjustments to your needs with maximum holding power. To ensure optimal health, the Doctors and staff may provide diet modification that they feel complements the Chiropractic care.  They believe that with Chiropractic care and a healthy diet, vitamins and supplements may not be needed.  However, during the initial corrective phase of your care, they may provide recommendations that will jump start the healing process.

Who should get Adjusted?

Their unique approach to FAMILY practice provides care for EVERYONE in your family, including babies and pregnant women.  They use specialized techniques such as Torque Release Technique, Websters, MC2, and Activator that are also used on children and pregnant women to accommodate their changing bodies. Specific Scientific Chiropractic care is safe and gentle for even the most fragile bodies but is not diluted for the biggest of athletes. Many subluxations can occur during the birth process for mother or baby, and that is why we encourage entire families to be checked for Vertebral Subluxations to ensure that you are expressing 100% health. Always remembering that health is not how you feel!!!


How much does it Cost and can I use my insurance?

Because we want Smyrna to be one of the healthiest communities in the Atlanta Area, we recognize that we have to make Chiropractic care affordable for the entire family. Again we always offer a FREE complimentary consultation to discuss your health prior to any exam and acceptance of a patient into our practice. At this time, we will do an insurance verification to determine your health care benefits, but for those without insurance do not be detoured. Chiropractic care is a the most affordable alternative healthcare system in the world.


Where are you located?

Michael Family Chiropractic is located in the heart of Smyrna off of Atlanta Rd across from Campbell Middle School in the Creatwood Shopping Plaza. The Plaza also is the home of The Body Bar and Village Florist.


3246 Atlanta Rd SE suite E

Smyrna, GA 30080


How do I schedule an Appointment?


When you are interested in taking charge of your health, Michael Family Chiropractic offers an excellent promotion for new patients. A FREE consultation to discuss your healthcare needs.  We would love for you to call and make and appointment today so that you can have better health tomorrow. Please call 678-424-8501 to schedule. We look forward to seeing you.

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